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Kentucky  Bluegrass

Our Kentucky Bluegrass sod is a dark-green, medium textured turf that is perfect for northern lawns. It grows quickly in the cooler months of fall, winter, and spring. Blade growth is parallel to one another giving the appearance of an upright or tall lawn. It can self-repair when injured, and has a moderate wear tolerance. During the warmer summer months if stressed for water it can go dormant.

Bluegrass Sod

RTF®  – Rhizomatous Tall Fescue

RTF® sod is an advanced generation of turf-type tall fescue which produces rhizomes. A rhizome is an underground stem that penetrates laterally through the soil to spread the plant. Rhizomes send shoots up to the soil surface while extending new roots downward, forming a new plant. The rhizomatous nature of RTF is similar to Kentucky bluegrass. However, unlike Kentucky bluegrass RTF will survive the transition zone climate and other tall fescue turf regions.

RTF Sod LogoRTF SodSod roots

Benefits of RTF® Sod

Excellent Color and Density

  • Has fine leaves which produce a very dense, uniform sod
  • Early spring greenup
  • Withstands stressful hot temperatures and keeps its rich green color

Grows Great in Sun or Shade

  • Excellent in the transition zone climate and other tall fescue turf regions
  • Will not brown out in the intense summer heat
  • One of the most shade tolerant cool season grasses

Self-Repairing Turf

  • Quickly fills in damaged or open spots with new shoots of grass
  • High level of traffic tolerance
  • Dense turf without open areas prevents weed growth

Excellent Disease Resistance

  • Endophyte enhanced for improved insect, disease and drought tolerance
  • Environmentally friendly, reduces chemical and fertilizer inputs

Improved Value for the Turf Professional

  • Less overseeding and fewer weed problems
  • With RTF sod, the rhizomes are already developed
  • With the aid of rhizomes anchors itself faster and water requirements are reduced

Cutting SodSod Close up
Sod Close upClose up sod
Freshly cut section
Regrowth after 2 months
Regrowth after 4 months
Regrowth after 11 months